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Who is Arvisus?

Positive thinking sets us apart. Passion for our work is what sparks and fosters our creative ideas and drives us to excel in the field.

Communication is about people. ARVISUS® creates solutions not only for the sake of companies, but also for their consumers. We envision brand engagement with augmented reality tools as the fast link between the virtual and the real world.

Position yourself in this growth market and invest in your future.

With offices in London and Hong Kong, ARVISUS® is a marketing trailblazer. Brand communication & online reputation management are our core services. We develop augmented reality applications and wearable gadgets, framing the communications architecture of tomorrow.

Brand Solutions with Augmented Reality

ARVISUS® develops customised augmented reality gadgets for companies in the automotive, medical, marketing, and technology industries. We are expanding the reality of the future. Augmented reality plays an increasingly important role in professional environments, industrial production, and complex business processes. Only a decade after making a breakthrough with the smartphone, humanity is now witnessing the manifold possibilities of AR. Doctors are already using data goggles and medical apps to improve treatment methods, engineers use AR apps to make realistic simulations, and logistics companies harness AR’s potential to streamline their processes.

Augmented reality is bound to become an indispensable part of everyday life. Like smartphones today, AR is the personal assistant of tomorrow. Benefit from our expertise and harness its potential!

Work Flow

Our comprehensive analysis gives us the necessary insight and foresight for successful brand communication.

In the digital age, communication behaviour is ever-changing. Passive media users are becoming active media designers.

Our coherent and comprehensive business assessment includes brand and competition analysis.

Brands do not become successful by chance. A forward-looking brand strategy approach is the backbone of effective brand communication.

Our Way

We are a young team with considerable experience and expertise across a broad range of fields. Reputation management, I.T., 3D & video animation, online marketing and mobile app development specialists are passionately and tirelessly working to develop cutting-edge brand communication. Entrepreneurial skills, academic knowledge, and lateral thinking – they all come together at ARVISUS®.

Our team constantly optimises the brand management process with new brainwaves and insights. Our support centre is also excited to hear your suggestions, bringing your ideas to fruition.


ARVISUS® brings the technological AR revolution to the realm of businesses, where new developments improve operations for the global economy, simplifying people’s lives and integrating modern technologies into everyday life. Augmented reality applications will change the future in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine.

  • AR applications
  • App development
  • Augmented reality gadgets
  • Data glasses
  • Wearable Computing
  • AI-driven Augmented Reality
  • 3D animation
  • Visual Projection
AR is the future
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